Re:Orient - Die Erfindung des muslimischen Anderen
to Jan 19

Re:Orient - Die Erfindung des muslimischen Anderen

  • Grassi Museum of Applied Arts (map)
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Once there was, and once there wasn't. In the beginning, everything seems innocent, enchanting even. A fairy tale from 1001 Nights: the fragrance of musk and the authority of sultans. Bazaars where magic lamps and flying carpets can still be bought. In the harem, women sit in paradisiacal surroundings.

These words will probably suffice to stimulate the imagination of most people about the "Orient." In addition to these romantic descriptions, many stories often also depict the danger posed by Muslim people. Are these the roots of a language that suspects all Muslims under the suspicion of being "sexually abusive knife-wielding migrants"? The exhibition traces the historical models and current effects of anti-Muslim racism.

How could such discrepancies between romantic idealisation and the idea of extreme brutality arise and how do people with Muslim roots and the so-called majority society deal with them today? The exhibition aims to answer these questions in a variety of ways and provide visitors with answers as well as further questions. To this end, the museum creates a space for dialogue. "Re:Orient - The Invention of the Muslim Other" aims to reorient visitors towards what is all too often left unseen when they look at "the others."

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The Laundry Room
to Nov 3

The Laundry Room

  • Museum der bildenden Künste Leipzig (map)
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| Der Künstler ist anwesend |
| Es sprechen Alfred Weidinger/Direktor und Angelika Waniek/Künstlerische Mitarbeiterin Medienkunst, Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst / Academy of Fine Arts Leipzig |
| Kostenloser Eintritt |

Zwischen den Etagen des Museums bewegt sich ein Raum. In ihm ergeben sich unterschiedliche Situationen, verbunden mit den Menschen und Objekten, die sich von ihm mitbewegen lassen. In der Ausstellungsreihe SEILAKT I – VI gehen sechs künstlerische Positionen auf den schwebenden Raum ein und definieren ihn für die kommenden zwei Jahre jeweils neu.
Eine Kooperation mit den Klassen Intermedia und Bildende Kunst der Fachrichtung Medienkunst an der Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst Leipzig.

Mit THE LAUNDRY ROOM führt Mazen Khaddaj die BesucherInnen auf eine Reise durch sein Bewusstsein - von Erfahrungen zu Gedankensträngen, zu Bildern, zu schwarzen Flecken auf weißem Stoff. Die Verbindung aus Installationen und Video-Performances veranschaulicht Khaddajs Erforschung des eigenen Bewusstseins, das von einem Zustand zum anderen wandert.

SEILAKT III: Jens Martin Triebel
SEILAKT IV: Tina Mamczur
SEILAKT V: Sten Jacolis & Linus Bonduelle
SEILAKT VI: Bernhard Borman
Ausstellungszeitraum: 12.07.–03.11.2019
Projektleitung: Angelika Waniek und Katrin Klietsch
📸 Mazen Khaddaj, Drop Drop (Videostill), 2019

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to Mar 14


“I End to Begin” is a series of paintings and video performances expressing my latest spiritual experiences. 

After three years of living in Leipzig, Germany,  I started shifting and reshaping my beliefs; perhaps I saw this as a way to fit in faster.  Eventually, an explosion of spiritual awakening hit me, and along with it came my creations. I became captivated by consciousness and the soul; it was so interesting for me to study my thoughts on the infinite possibilities and mystical mythologies of these notions.

I believe my Druse background was a starting point for the idea and inspiration for this series. The concept of reincarnation was like a window opening new dimensions for my body, mind, and soul to travel through.

“The Pentagon” video installation includes five video performances depicting the fight between different traditions, cultures, and religions. This is the struggle of forming an identity and a belief system that feels like me wherever I live, whether it is in Germany or in Lebanon.

 “I End to Begin” is a quest for unanswered questions and an attempt to work through a wavering identity. One adventure after another, my curiosity multiplies and possibilities arise. 

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to Dec 21

Conversations with Self

Albareh Art Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of 'Conversations with Self', a group exhibition featuring the work of nine artists.🎨
The opening reception will take place @albarehartgallery at 7:00 p.m. on Wednesday, November 7, 2018.

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7:00 PM19:00


GAPGAP (Gemeindeamtsstr. 13, 04177 Leipzig, Germany)

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“I am a Foreigner” is a series of paintings and video performances that express my journey from Lebanon to Germany. They depict my feelings between attachment and detachment. It also portrays my disoriented emotions that sway my existence between my homeland and my new life here in Leipzig.

It is tough to “be” in a setting where I am also dissimilar. With every painting or performance, I root myself in this new soil. I want to continue here what I was before.

“I am a Foreigner” is the extensions and the delays; it is the shouts and the whispers. It is what was and what will be. 

I trust my way, step by step. My faith grounds me and my hope lifts me high.

I am walking...

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